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USA AUTO SEARCH is an Internet Automotive Search Engine that gives YOU the control. Regardless of what you automotive needs are (a brand new car, truck, van or SUV; a quality, certified pre-owned vehicle; great rates auto financing; better rate auto insurance, or extended vehicle warranty), you can now search from one location: USA AUTO SEARCH.

As our name implies, U.S.A., we work with a network of providers, dealers and agents across the continental United States of America who are ready to give you the best deal available anywhere. Participating dealers in your area update their inventory on the system daily, so you get access to fresh inventory (cars, trucks, vans, SUVs that may be currently on the lot and available for immediately delivery).

This is a FREE service for Automotive Consumers.

USA AUTO SEARCH is a free service for consumers. Simply create an account and you can start using the system right away. See our Privacy Statement and Terms of Use policies for additional clarity.

Here are the features available to Consumers:
  • View Pre-owned inventory with photos and details
  • View New vehicles inventory with photos and details
  • Send lead to (contact) the dealer of vehicle of interest
  • Request Auto Finance quotes from dealers and other finance institutions
  • Request Auto Insurance quotes from insurance agents and/or dealers
  • Request Extended Warranty quotes from dealers or service providers
  • Shop socially by sharing your searching and results with friends

For Auto Dealers, Agents, and Service Providers:

If you are not already on the network and are interested in joining USA AUTO SEARCH, click here to register or create a FREE account for your business. Once you have an active USA AUTO SEARCH business account, you can setup your profile accordingly. If you are interested in adding new and/or pre-owned inventory to the engine, click here (Dealers Inventory) to learn more.

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Regardless of the vehicle you are looking for (new or used, expensive or cheap, fancy or base...), you can rest assured that one of more of our dealers in the continental United States has the exact (or something very similar) to what you are looking for.

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